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Mission: to advocate for, engage, and empower UNC Black Faculty and Staff.​

Vision: to foster a just and equitable campus community.

Pillars: Advocate, Engage, Empower

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Statement Regarding Silent Sam Settlement

December 9, 2019
The Carolina Black Caucus condemns the plan of the UNC System to pay $2.5 million to the Sons of Confederate Veterans for the purpose of the preservation and display of the Silent Sam monument. Providing financial support for the preservation of such an impudent symbol of white supremacy, to appease the interests of a prominent discriminatory group and organization, does not align with the stated mission, vision and values of UNC Chapel Hill—nor those of the Carolina Black Caucus. This also sends the message that political pacifism by way of providing financial resources for the preservation of hate symbols, is more important than providing and sustaining an inclusive, just and equitable campus community. Additionally, approval of such an action would then serve as precedence for the financial backing and support of other radical hate groups and ideologies—which is not in the best interest of any member of our campus community. We vehemently oppose this decision and consider it a personal affront to our members and the enslaved people who built this university.