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CBC Committees

If you are interested in joining one of our committees, please email us at
CBC Events
Oversees planning and execution of all Caucus events, including, but not limited to Fall Welcome Event, End of Year Social, CBC Night at the Track, Black History Celebration, Wilson Caldwell Day, etc.   


Co-chairs will oversee advocacy efforts on behalf of the Caucus.  


Manages all aspects of the membership intake, recruitment, and retention process.   


Steward the Caucus brand and image and coordinate efforts around the brand, public relations, website and social media communications.  

Nomination and Awards Committee 

Identifies and nominate Black faculty and staff for University, and professional organization, awards to bring attention to the outstanding efforts of our colleagues. The Nominations Committee also seeks to identify future leaders to run for Caucus officer positions.   


Develops and carries out fundraising initiatives to support Caucus events and advocacy.   


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